New Rant! Well, not really a rant. More of a brief commentary.

I like to write. Every now and then, I get the urge, go a little nuts, and share my inner-most feelings in a personal assault on whatever just ticked me off. enjoy!

2010-11-08 Rally To Restore Sanity
2010-03-06 Where Butter Comes From - New!!!
2009-04-27 Have you ever felt the wind?
2000-06-07 Yeah! Let's eat sushi and not pay!
2000-04-13 That there car is afflicted

2000-04-03 Roll roll roll in zee hay!

2000-04-03 Icky Icky Icky Zi-Tang Zuboigen Zi Zo Zu nee
2000-03-28 That's the kind of scene I dig. Baby you're the gitchiest!
2000-03-21 Shhhhh! Do you smell something
2000-03-06 We're gonna need a bigger boat.
2000-02-04 In this corner... Tiger Tanaka!

2000-02-03 WATE-TV

2000-02-03 Re News Flash!
2000-01-21 Shaka when the walls fell
1999-12-23 Happy X-Mas Merry New Year
1999-11-29 To the Moon Alice To the Moon!

1999-11-09 The Third Thursday of Every Month with an R in it.

1999-11-03 Three Sided Octagon
1999-10-11 don't catch any bugs!
1996-07-22 hypnogogic tendencies
1996-07-03 loquacious spider-monkey
1996-06-18 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
1996-06-13 spooky puppy children
1996-05-30 cartoons
1996-05-20 bunny head

1995-06-17 9 A.M.

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