Have you ever felt the wind? I mean, really felt it? Sure it blows across your skin and you feel your hair move, but beyond that. There's a majesty to it. It's exquisite. It's powerful. It's untamed, almost feral. It can cool you on a hot day or throw you through a tree in a storm. It moves mountains.

I know it sounds silly, but we tend to get lost in the lesser things. Make a buck. Buy a car. Earn, spend, save. There is more to life than stuff. I'm not saying that stuff isn't cool, or anything; but stuff only takes you so far. You gotta have it, but it cannot consume you. If it does, you are only a sum of your things. Not that that doesn't count for something, it just doesn't count for all.

I felt the wind tonight and just happened to think about it. It felt nice. It reminded me of what really matters. I nice cool breeze on a pleasant evening. Next time you accidentally run into one, give pause and enjoy.

Of course, stuff does not include Star Wars Toys! Those are always necessary.

Here is what I initially came up with as I was walking. I kinda like it better than the verbose version above.

Have you ever felt the wind?
untamed, almost feral
the power and grace

new watch, shiny toys. things.

Have you ever felt the wind?