Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 3:20 PM

Subject: Yeah! Let's eat sushi, and not pay!

I am an American. I am not always proud of that fact, but I am glad that I am an American. Sometimes I am quite ashamed of this fact and hang my head low in shame that I represent the truest of evils in the world. Other times I hold my head high with the knowledge that I hail from the "Land of the Free". It is not an easy line that I walk. I tend to upset people who are not comfortable with the realities of existence. But then, these are the people who are so insecure with their own beliefs that they must use others to supplant their own. But I digress, I am sharing with you the reasons why I love my country.

Why do I love my country? Is it because that is what I was taught as a child, or because I am a brainwashed good little American? No. I put it thusly: This country has the greatest potential for good in the world. This simple axiom holds true. I do not pretend to believe that it does good for the world, or that it even breaks even on the whole good/evil ratio. But it does hold the potential. And potential means a lot in the great scheme of things. If only we could live up to our potential, but as every parent knows, that is quite rare.

Do I hate my country? Sometimes I hold my country in the spotlight for things it does that I don't agree with; but no, I do not hate my country. I am ashamed of my country at times, but never have I hated it. I have passionately disliked it on many an occasion. I feel like that right now with the way Washington is pissing all over that little Cuban boy. SEND THE BOY HOME FOR CHRISSAKE! I get so mad when the needs of a bunch of totally unrelated morons supercedes that of a little boy. Father's rights in this country are going down the drain, because relatives who have never met a child can petition for custody; despite the fact that there is a loving father wanting the child. Makes me sick.

What else do I hate about my country? Hrrrmmm. I know. Politics. Politics are stupid. Why do what is right when it will cost you votes. We have hundreds of military bases that serve no purpose other than give jobs to local civilians. If we don't need it, close it. But would they ever do that? Nope, that would cost them votes. Do we need the bases? Nope, they merely waste money. Do we keep the bases? Yep, we need to keep people who are totally useless employed. Does this make sense? About as much as chocolate flavoured gravel. Will anyone ever do anything about it? Not until the revolution comes and bureaucrat blood flows in the streets. Oh yeah, we also got the dumbest people in the world, and we make sure that their rights to be a total and complete moron are preserved.

To return back to my point: what do I love about the U.S. of A.? We have football. Real football. None of that goofy Canadian crap, or Austrailian no real rules version. We also have the best roller coasters. And we got the Grand Canyon. And the bragging rights to say we were the only ones to land on the moon. Speaking of the moon, we also got Moon Pies. We got Evil Kenivel. We got Days of Our Lives. We no longer have 90210, for which all are thankful. We got rights of freedom (for some). We have bars on every other corner, and pawn shops on the rest. We have so many different people that every day is a new wonder of amazement. Nevermind the fact the amazement is at how stupid people are.

We also got some really good music. I know that it does not compare to the German rock of David Hasselhoff, but I can live with that. We got the best looking women in the world. We also got real cars. No fancy-shmancy japanese car could ever compete with an old GTO. We got food, lotsa food. We even pay our farmers to not produce food to keep the price up. Imagine that, people starving everywhere and we bogart the food. Typically American. And prisons. Don't forget those. We have such a great prison system that everyone seems to be going. Just like a vacation to the beach.

I believe that this country has the greatest potential, but that is also has the most wasted potential of any country in the world. Until we step up and make use of our potential, instead of trading it in for reruns of Jerry Springer, we will never hold the respect of the world. I think that we should make it our imperative to better not only ourselves, but those around us so that we can actually be the greatest county on this little rock, instead of bombing anyone who thinks different. Make smarts, not war.

-Dave at the IT Helpdesk