Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 3:57 PM

Subject: That there car is afflicted

Well, it's been a slow week. Nothing too much to be ticked about. Happy b'day Johnny! Congrats to the Dopes for a fine CD. Foo Fighters played a show I didn't go to. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace came out. Wendy snagged me a cool poster. Cock Rock will be back tomorrow, even though they don't have any decent Alice Cooper. Somebody needs to tick me off. I dunno. Maybe I am burned out on my angst. Maybe I am no longer bitter. A new life is before me. One of joyful smiles, not biting witticisms. Maybe love of my fellow man, instead of spiteful distaste. Forget that. I hate people.

"To thine own self be true." Somebody said that. He was smart, whoever he was. I am starting to feel the aggression building. I might be onto something here. I got it! I hate people. All kinds of people, I don't discriminate against anyone; except those weenies I hate. And I hate me some weenies. There are all kinds of weenies. You got the idiot in front of you at the grocery who can't comprehend that the coupon from the mid-eighties has expired. Nevermind the fact that the product the coupon is for is not in her cart and has not been in production for years. Before you make a scene, check yourself to make sure you are not just stupid. If everyone would do this, there would be a lot less annoying idgits out there. "But it says right here that I should get one free!" Only when you buy a regular at full price, you moron! "But I'm buying my tickets before five, so why can't I get a matinee price?" Because you are stupid!

Then you got the weenies who ignore their kids, and then complain that society isn't raising their kids right. It's obviously the teacher's fault that Johnny is failing his classes. It's televisions fault that Johnny is violent. It's his friends fault he's on drugs. It's everybody else's fault that Johnny's parents don't care enough to spend time with him, molding him into a better person. Then, when they find the kid's room filled with pipe bombs, they are good parents because they gave the kid his privacy. Well, get bent Jack. I had no privacy growing up. I was told to do my homework. I was not allowed to watch whatever I wanted. I was not allowed to do a lot of things. It made me mad, but in retrospect, I am glad my parents cared enough to be parents.

I hate dumb, moronic, idiotic, venutian sludgeworts! Especially the ones that you have to "work" with. If these butt marmits would at the very least do the minimal requirements of their jobs, crap would not pile up. Things would be done. But no! They gotta do nothing, let someone else clean up their mess. And then they cop attitude when you mention that you are taking care of a task that they had been sitting on for half the day. If they even did half of their job, that would be an improvement. Weasels, one and all.

Hows about people who sit in the front row at a concert? You are not supposed to do that. I stayed on my feet for all of every show I had front row seats for. That includes the opening act. With the exception of candlebox. There was absolutely no point in sitting through that load of horse puckey. But while I was still in the auditorium, I was on my feet. Not because I liked the music, but because I had the PRIVILEGE of having front row seats. I was on my feet for The Outfield. I was on my feet for Gary Pucket and the Union Gap. I was on my feet for Bon Jovi. I was on my feet for Damn Yankees. I was on my feet for The Grass Roots. I was on my feet for a lot of shows, regardless of whether or not I enjoyed them. If you are just sitting there, get the hell out of there, you don't belong. This also carries over to any seat at a football game.

Next time you are about to do something that could be construed as a scene, pause and count to ten while thinking about it. Let's stop the lunacy. Don't be stupid, don't waste other's time and resources, and for all things cute and fuzzy, get off your lazy ass and enjoy the show. (Oops, I said ass. Maybe UT will try and shut me down for not violating FCC regulations.)

Sorry this is kinda half-assed. I'm currently not upset about anything.

-Dave at the SSC Call Center