Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 4:49 PM

Subject: Icky Icky Icky Zi-Tang Zuboigen Zi Zo Zu nee

What a great injustice to all things good and holy. The Cock Rock Hour being so rudely thrown into hiatus due to a public outrage of one old man who doesn't like what he heard on the radio, nevermind the fact that everything was well within FCC regulations.

I just don't understand these moronic do-gooders who don't realise that instead of good, they just waste time and effort. This pug didn't like the words "Ass", "Hell", and "Damn". Well why do you think they put that there tuning knob on your radio? So you can find what you don't like? I always thought that it was so you could change the station to what you DO like. Just because it is there does not mean you have to listen to it. I hate Marilyn Manson. I have violent convulsions from hearing him. I change the station or put in a tape, not call the station to get this offensive material banned. Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean that someone else doesn't. (They shouldn't like it, but they are allowed to.)

There are too many crusaders out there looking out for me and you. They must be stopped. Some of them are pretty darned ridiculous. TeleTubbies, for instance. Tinky Winky is purple, carries a shoulder bag, and has a triangle antennae. According to a bunch of stupid Crispies, this means that Tinky Winky is gay and wants to subvert your children into turning gay. Huh? Am I the only one who doesn't understand this crap? He is purple, so is Barney. He carries a magic fun bag, so do most of my friends. He has a triangle antennae, not that many gay people have triangular antennae coming out of their heads. Do these correlation's make any sense? Is he really gay? Who cares? I always assumed that a big poofy mascotish type costumed character was pretty much without the proper parts to be straight or gay. Maybe there is a new method I am not aware of.

And why do these people look out for me? I don't ask them to. I don't want them to. But I must not be smart enough or wise enough to survive on my own without their forced enlightenment. And these are the nut jobs that raise the sheltered kids who freak out the moment they arrive at college because they have never been out of their house for anything but church and Shoney's after church. Maybe they should start trying to censor their own actions. Analyse their own pathetic little lives and find out what it is that makes them so bitter and resentful of anything that came out after Lawrence Welk. Maybe if they lightened up, we wouldn't have as many offensive things out there.

I have listened to the Cock Rock Hour since it's inception, and the boys who do the show ain't quite right, but they ain't quite wrong neither. I don't think that they cater to a majority or their sponsors or god or anybody. They cater to people who like that music. And if you don't like it, turn it the hell off. Don't take away my right to hear Whitesnake. Putting any restrictions on what should and should not be heard destroys all of music. Take all of music, remove anything that has ever been considered offensive, improper, rude, inappropriate, gauche, unclean, unsophisticated, raunchy, or otherwise detrimental to society,

and the part that's left over is where butter comes from.

-Dave at the SSC Call Center