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Date: Thursday, February 03, 2000 4:37 PM

Subject: Re: News Flash!

Thanks for your comments....
I'll pass them on to my boss.

God Bless,
Matt HinkIN

Robbins, Dave wrote:
> Just wanted to let you know that your cute little news show looks incredibly
> stupid at times. Not all of the people in your viewing area are dimwits.
> Give us a little credit, and stop watering down the news with whatever crap
> you think might cater to the morons of Knoxville. Some of us are slightly
> more intelligent than a '74 Pinto, and prefer to have actual news during the
> news broadcast.
> -Dave at the SSC Call Center
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> > Attention Everyone!
> > Last night on Channel 6, they warned us about a fast-breaking important
> > news story that will be a part of the hard-hitting 11 at 11 segment, where
> > they go over all of the REAL important news items. They even followed up
> > by saying that it is IMPORTANT to watch the develpoments on the news
> > tonight. I implore each and everyone to watch this informative spot that
> > is considered a headline. Matt Hinken went to Africa for some zoo thing,
> > is is going to do an experiment to determine wether or not the water goes
> > down the drain backwards on the other side of the equator. Swear to the
> > gods, that is what they are considering hard-hitting news that you should,
> > nay, MUST watch. Kinda sad and pathetic, ain't it? We got people dying
> > in fires, riots in Mexico, air crashes in the Pacific, Nazis in Austria,
> > and a million other petty little news tidbits. Thank the stars for
> > Channel 6. Without their trimming the inane news from the important
> > stuff, I would never have known for sure which way the water will go down
> > the drain on the other side of the equator.
> > Well, I guess I could have just trusted in my education. My high
> > school physics teacher taught us that it goes backwards down there. I
> > also learned this from Beakman and Jax in the paper. I also learned this
> > from a myriad of sources over the last thirty years. I even learned this
> > from the little Australian cutie that my buddy Drew-Andy-Drew is going out
> > with. I bet I could even find it on the internet.
> > I am just thankful that we have professional jounalists traveling
> > across the globe to bring us the stories we need to sleep soundly at
> > night. If it were not for Matt Hinken and his crossing over from weather
> > to the zoo, we would never know for sure if what the American education
> > system taught us is true or not. What this science experiment has to do
> > with animals, I do not know nor care. Science is science. Animals is
> > water going down a drain. Tripe is news. Gods bless the american fluff
> > jounalists.
> > Maybe next time they will show us how bowling balls cut to the
> > right, instead of the left down south.
> >
> > Eat food. Drink liquid. Inhale gas. Exhale more gas. Poop poop.
> >
> > -Dave at the SSC Call Center
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