Sent: Monday, October 11, 1999 12:48 PM

Subject: don't catch any bugs!

As I sit here at work, pondering my position in this crazy mixed up world, I have come to the conclusion that I belong at the top. I am better than almost everyone on this little world, as are most everyone reading this. I realise that this may be construed as a conceit; but nonetheless, it is true. I have seen proof of this virtually every day from unwitting people. Stupid people.

There is a class of people in this country that have no business being. That is not a typo, they should not be. The only service that they provide unto society is to elevate us non-stupid people to the level of caretaker. I find this insulting that I am required to help these people along in a life that is not designed for them.

I am not saying that I am a babysitter to these people, but that I have to coddle them, guide them, help them to come to the conclusions that should be obvious but are for some reason obscured to their dimwitted stare. One would think that after years of being stupid, one would elevate to the next level. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Stupidity begets stupidity. Stupid is as stupid does. I think the comedian was right when he said that if you understood Forest Gump's little axiom; you must be stupid.

Stupid people may or may not be necessary to the stability of our society, but we should try to get on without them. But they cry out "what about me? Don't I have the right to live free and be happy? Don't I have the right to have a family and watch my children grow old? Shouldn't I be able to do as I please? To say what I want? To be what I want? To live my life as I choose without being told?" No.

What about you? Huh? If that means that you should be free to happily beat your family while sitting around the tube on a race Sunday watching the little cars go in circles incessantly, hooping and hollering for Jeff because he's sponsered by Pepsi, and hissing Dale just 'cause he's a whiner; meanwhile forgetting that Dick Trickle is the only respectable one because he's just a drunk who like to drive fast; you are stupid. You should not be. You should not have any rights. You should not be able to interfere with normal people just cause you saw something on Ricki Lake that may or may not apply to a given situation. Let me clear it up for you: Ricki Lake applies to NO situation! None whatsoever, except for the possible reason of explaining why you may be a loser.

Why should the rest of society make exceptions for stupid people? If you don't undestand, you should either learn to understand or shut up. One should not merely accept the cards that fate has handed them when it comes to 'smarts'. Educate your damn self. Don't just go on being stupid because you can. And don't go around pissing in the gene pool just so you can get your rocks off. If you risk bringing down the rest of society with you just so you can have a couple of kids to help bring in a bigger government check, you should be outlawed from having children. Maybe we can institue a child-bearing license or something. Stupidity can only breed with stupidity except in extreme situations that must be reviewed by a panel of smart people.

If we can work together, we can remove this scourge we know as stupid people. It is up to us to discourage stupidity. We must NOT reward stupid people for being stupid. Must never turn a blind eye to stupid people commiting stupid actions. Must never accept third best. We can save the world.

I dealt with a stupid person today and had to vent.